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Made in the style of Louis Panormo  

Soundboard: European spruce
Back and sides Santos rosewood
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Sabah Ebony
Scale length: 630mm
Width at top nut: 48mm
Body length: 447mm
Upper bout: 227mm
Waist: 173mm
Lower bout: 289mm
Depth at heel: 87mm
Depth at waist: 93mm
Depth at bottom: 95mm
Weight: Kg 1.35
Bridge: Ebony, abalone, mop
6 hole tie block.
Frets: 19
Unlike an original Panormo my version has compensation added to the scale length to provide good intonation.

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The head shape is similar to that designed by
Louis Panormo circa 1838.

Body Volume:
8.9 litres
This refers to the approximate internal capacity of the soundbox and gives. for comparison, a more accurate size of the diffrent models that I make.
ie if the body cavity were filled with a liquid this is how many litres it would hold.


The bridge on an original Panormo has pins
and a fixed saddle.
My version has a bone saddle and six tie holes.

Rosette is individually hand made, using black compound, mother of pearl and Abalone.
Abalone used for the purfling.
The head of an original Panormo would typically be made from lime and have a V-joint. My version is the same wood as the neck with a scarf joint
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