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Soundboard: European spruce
Back: 3 laminate Brazilian rosewood
(see below)
  Honduran rosewood
Sides: 2 laminate Brazilian rosewood
(see below)
Honduran rosewood
Neck: Cedar
Fingerboard: Ebony
Scale length: 650mm
Width at top nut: 52mm
Body length: 492mm
Lower bout: 371mm
Upper bout: 282mm
Waist: 245mm
Depth at heel: 88mm
Depth at waist: 92mm
Depth at bottom: 97mm
Weight: Kg 1.98
Bridge: 6 double hole ties
Frets: 20
7th fret marker 9 ct gold inset dot

9 ct gold inset dot at 7th fret

This new model took many months in development

The exeptional quality European spruce soundboard is braced with 7 tight grained spruce fan struts .
The sides are of a double laminate and the back of a triple laminate as can be seen in the description below.

This developement has produced a guitar with exceptional projection whilst retaining a tone with
clear fundamentals, good sustain and a palette of
colour equal to that of travelling through the
countryside visited by the artist Paul Cezzane
on a bright sunny day.

The sides of the guitar are made as the upper sample 2 piece laminate:
Inner 2.0mm Brazilian rosewood, outer 2.0mm Honduran rosewood.

The back of this guitar is made up of the following, lower sample 3 piece laminate:
Inner 2.0 mm Brazilian rosewood,
middle 2.0 mm spruce,
outer 2.0 mm Honduran rosewood.
(The side sample above shows cypress and Brazilian laminate for illustration purposes)

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