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Soundboard: European spruce
Back: 3 laminate Spalted maple
(see below)
  Honduran rosewood
Sides: 2 laminate Spalted maple
(see below)
Neck: Cedar
Fingerboard: Ebony
Scale length: 650mm
Width at top nut: 52mm
Body length: 495mm
Upper bout: 282mm
Waist: 246mm
Lower bout: 368mm
Waist: 246mm
Depth at heel: 90mm
Depth at waist: 95mm
Depth at bottom: 101mm
Weight: Kg 1.92
Bridge: 6 double hole ties
Frets: 20
7th fret marker 9 ct gold inset dot
Each rosette is individually made with very slight variation in design. The outer & inner circles of the rosette are the same as the purfling around the edge of the soundboard.

The Amazaque bridge has six double holes in the tie block providing for good break angle and easy tying of the strings.

Double thickness binding on bass side of guitar provides for greater rounding and more comfort on all of my guitars.
The European spruce soundboard is covered with beautiful extreme markings of hazel fichte (bear claw). It is braced with 7 tight grained spruce fan struts .
The sides are of a double laminate and the back of a triple laminate as can be seen in the description below.

This is a guitar with exceptional projection, a gorgeous tone with
clear fundamentals, and good sustain with a varied palette of beautiful colours.



Body Volume:
12.3 litres
This refers to the approximate internal capacity of the soundbox and gives. for comparison, a more accurate size of the individual guitars that I make.
ie if the body cavity were filled with a liquid this is how many litres it would hold.
Erving Sloane tuners with mother of pearl buttons

The sides of the guitar are made as the upper sample 2 piece laminate:
Inner 2.0mm Honduran rosewood, outer 2.0mm Spalted Maple.
The back of this guitar is made up of the following, lower sample 3 piece laminate:
Inner 2.0 mm Honduran rosewood,
middle 2.0 mm spruce,
outer 2.0 mm Spalted Maple.

9 ct gold inset dot at 7th fret
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